How to Choose the Right Push-to-Talk (PTT) Application

Improving Communication and Operational Efficiency

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The Right PTT Application

Identifying the right PTT for your organization depends on a number of variables and your company's communication goals.

In this whitepaper you'll:

  • Learn how to specify requirements from an end user's perspective as well as the system's perspective
  • Differentiate the four basic types of PTT applications and each of their benefits
  • Discover what PTT features of Communications, Information and Settings are available
  • Learn about administrative features and issues such as dispatch console, compatibiity, deployment and updates

Read this if you are:

  • Member of an IT, Procurement, Technology, Innovation, Operations, or Customer Support department within an organization with a need for instant one-to-one or one-to-many voice communication.
  • Carrier agents, especially PTT Specialists, Account Managers and Sales Managers